Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Pandemic Procedures?

  • YES! Please see the graphic below for the basics of our pandemic procedures. If you have any other questions we ask that you give us a call! (330) 697 1279

  • We are requiring that all patrons wear a mask to enter our attraction. We are volunteer-based, we need to do everything we can to do protect them and you!

  • We will be using hospital-grade sanitizer, we will also have hand sanitizing stations in multiple locations for public use. 

  • Please refrain from touching our actors, you will be asked to leave. 

  • Our Staff is temperature checked upon arrival. You may be asked to have your temperature taken. 








How do I purchase tickets?​

  • We have a ticket booth on-site where you will be able to purchase tickets with card or cash!  

How long is the wait? 

  • Wait times depend on the night and how big the crowd is. It could take up to an hour on our busy nights. ​

group specials?

  • 8-10 people: $1 off

  • 11-20 people: $2 off

  • 21 and so on: $3 off

Age limit?

  • No, we believe if you can handle a horror movie, you should be okay to come through our house!

  • We have a Kids Matinee which is a light on and masks off the event on designated Sundays. You can find the dates on our calendar in the "Season Schedule" tab

Do you sell food/drinks?

  • Yes, we have a food vendor on-site! You may enjoy your delicious food and drinks while in line, however, you must finish it before you enter the house. There will be a trashcan available at the front of the where you can throw away any trash. 

Is alcohol permitted/available?

  • No, it is prohibited to bring alcohol on-site. This is for the safety of not only you but others at the event. Bringing alcohol and/or drugs on-site will result in a report to the on-site police. If you appear intoxicated, you will be unable to enter the building.

Is smoking/vaping/Juuling allowed?

  • You may smoke/vape/Juul outside but once you pay at the ticket booth smoking it prohibited until you exit the house.

 What if it rains?

  • We are open rain or shine! We do, however, have a tent over the majority of the line so you can keep dry as you wait!

  • Due to social distancing please dress weather appropriate if the line extends past the covered waiting area.

Is parking available?

  • Yes, there is FREE parking available to all patrons, however, the first section is blocked off by cones that are reserved for the workers.

If I get too scared after I pay, can I get a refund? 

  • We do NOT offer refunds. Because we are a non-profit organization all of our funds go to local and national charities, therefore we can not offer refunds.

Can we take pictures?

  • You may take pictures of our outside monsters but you may NOT take any kind of pictures inside the house. If you do, the monsters will make sure they are deleted off your phone/camera

  • We also do NOT allow any sort of light in the house. This includes: Flashlights, cellphone lights, etc.

Will I be touched by any of the monsters?

  • You may be touched by our monsters but they will not grab ahold of you.

  • Due to Covid-19, we will refrain from touching patrons. Please do not touch our actors.