Volunteer Info

Q: I want to work at the Hudson Haunted House, where can I fill out an application?

A: Download the Volunteer Form, fill it out, and come to an orientation at the Hudson Haunted House. The orientation dates will be on our calendar!

If you are 18+ you can come up to one of our orientations and we will have

a wavier for you to sign!

Q: Will I get paid to work at the Hudson Haunted House and How much?

A: Since we are a non-profit organization everyone who "works" at the Hudson Haunted House is considered a volunteer. As a volunteer you will not be "paid" to work. Every Friday and Saturday night, we thank our countless volunteers with food! We have a closing night party/end of the season party with food and prizes.

Q: Who do I call if I have questions?

A: Please refer to our contact page of the website for our phone number and contact information.

Click here to download the Volunteer Form