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About us

  • The Hudson Haunted House owned and operated by The Hudson Jaycees. The Hudson Jaycees are a part of the national volunteer organization JCI. The organization are comprised of national, state, & local chapters. Our organizations goal is to inspire ages 18-40 to give back to their communities. The Hudson Jaycee chapter was granted a charter membership in the national Jaycees organization in 1970 and currently has an enrollment in excess of 20 members.

  • The Hudson Jaycees manage several fund raising projects throughout the year these include the Hudson Haunted House, easter eggstravaganza, & kids helping kids. Since 1970, proceeds from these efforts have allowed us to donate over $1,900,000 to both local and national charitable organizations. During the haunted house season we choose a different charity every week on Friday's to donate to. 

  • Our ability to help others depends upon the knowledge, experience and time that you are will to share with us. Join us for good times and the realization that YOU CAN make a difference.

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